The Chateau De Chenonceaux A Sunset

Pays de la Loire

Broc is situated in Maine et Loire a department in Pays de la Loire on the border with Sarthe.

Majestic homes and fortresses were built by Kings, dukes and feudal lords who ventured throughout this region.

Today Pays de la Loire is abundant with fine homes, castles, abbeys and fortresses.

Drive, cycle or take a river cruise to see vineyards, chateaux and the lovely small country hamlets.

Saumur is a gorgeous town resting aside the Loire River, its chateau and spire of St Pierre dominate the skyline. The city is famous for sparkling wines, mushrooms and a cavalry school. Outside of town, visit the ancient troglodyte dwellings. These are cave dwellings carved into soft limestone cliffs. These have been used as secure homes for centuries.

Make sure you set time aside for wine tasting as the city is surrounded by fragrant vineyards.

Pays de la Loire cuisine

In and around Saumur is a maze of underground caves, or galleries, as they are often called. These aren't for exploration; they are for growing mushrooms! Look for rillettes (pork pate and herbs) from Le Mans and the regional Cremet d'Anjou (goat cheese in a wine soaked crust).

Pays de la Loire wine

Pays de la Loire is reputed more for its wine than for its cuisine. The region specialises in dry Muscadets and light sweet roses. More specifically, Saumur tends towards uncomplicated, light whites and roses. Saumur also brings to market palatable reds, and white and rose sparkling wines.

Sports in Pays de la Loire

Le Mans. Forever connected to the car industry and the modern Grand Prix, Le Mans is home to the legendary 24 Hour race and also hosts the French Moto GP. In its off time, visitors can test their skills on the professional track.

One activity that people do not often consider is hot air ballooning. This is a tranquil way to gain a bird's eye view of the diverse landscape of Pays de la Loire. The sprawling countryside of the region is also ideal for walking, hiking, horseback riding and climbing.